Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cinderella with Hijab!

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Cinderella Wedding Theme ^^

Raya ke -5 r my fren wedding.. n da theme ala ala Cinderella gitu kan..sweet!! heee :)

da husband + wife!! yg da bercinta dr skolah lg. hebat kan dorg..

Hope Ann + Amy will happily ever after mcm Cinderella story 2 kan..kekekkeeee...
tp nie Cinderella with Hijab.. Ohsem !!! 

miaow~~ miaow~~

sorry pic blur ckt coz guna camera phone.. :(  

Sebab bz sgt buat photobooth x perasan da bride da kt surau nk nikah..apa lg..berlari la..  seb baek dlu pelari pecut dgn baju konon glamour berlari mmg azab la..huh~~ 

Alhamdulillah syukur majlis da pn selesai..
even  terkejar2 ckt time berjaya da bertugas as a bridesmaid dgn jayanya..sorry mana yg kurg.. n x dpt pegi majlis belah laki.. ^_^"

 me with fishtail kurung - tiffany green.. by: Shara Osment ^^

Raya 2012

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1st day Raya we wear Jubah yg my mum n dad beli kat Mekah.. comel kan kitorang...kekkeeee ^^ 

Raya tahun nie complete..sume ad..kak long and k.ngah tak balik rumah mak sis pun x de kena g Korea,China or Japan mcm last year.. and da best part is my mum n dad da ad 2 cucu dis year!!!! perfecto!! ^^
nie la Az-Zahra.. very da Kpop kan~~~ ^^

2nd day raya da balik Taiping.. lama sgt da x balik Perak.. rindu kot.. makanan yg super sedap!!!

tapi paling rindu nak melawat kubur arwah Tok.. setiap kali dtg mst nk nanges je..da 2 thn x blk..last 2 yrs yg memang nanges teruk sbb my sis g buat citer sedih lak depan arwah Tok.. tp tahun nie berjaya tahan! yosh!!! ^^

Raya ke-3 mcm biasa ziarah sedara mara yg lama da x jumpa..

Raya ke-4 pagi2 lg gerak dr TAIPING - KL  - KUANTAN..fuhhhh... penat fren kawen n kena jd bridesmaid... next entry citer pasal kawen2 lak..weee~~~ ^_^"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hijab Style!

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Salam,  >.<

ehem ehem... ok lama da x update blog nie...hmm... tak tahu nk update apa..

So... just nk share my latest pic!! heehehe  if u r hijabista u mesti x pelik bile me pkai glamour2 camnie if keluar kan.. if not mesti cakap over betul dak 2..igt retis ke..haahah

ok btw hijab style nie me blaja from "TudungPeople".. dorang always update hijab style yg ohsem2!!..

n i love n love n love dis dress.. tp x tau nk pggl baju nie name ap..hehehe

kt bawah nie tutorial side fringe hijab style by da lovely tudung people.. enjoy~~  ^^

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

when forever ends...

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i look back on it now with only sorrow,i see old pictures, old memories..
i see precious friendship lost and i wonder for the thousand time how it could possibly be that i didn't see it coming..

what actually happened to us?  we used to have so much things to talk to..things that we loves... together.. but now it's as if there miles between us.. it is like we never knew each other any more..
we swore to be FRIENDS FOREVER..but was it right for us to make that promise?

i felt betrayed, i felt hated, i felt abandoned and u stab my back... i wish u tell me what i had done wrong..
i know something went wrong when u decide.. u don't want to talk to me any more..
U leave me hanging., no explanation.. no words said..i just felt..

i remember, on the last day.. at the door.. u said take care.. and i cant recall what i said before.. but i remember when you left.. i was crying all my heart..alone in the room..
because i will never be the same..there will be never be WE.. ever again.. only ME and U..

 i do forgive you and i wish u forgive me too ..
 i wish i can undo the damage and take back what i have done..
but i cant.. we turned into enemy and rival..
at least what i think when u think of me..

u act like our years and years of  friendship means nothing to you.. and what hurt the most u made it look so easy..

So i throw away all your gift , letters and remind me u are not my friends any more..
and even convince myself that i hate u..even though I'm not...
i cried, cried and cried...when i threw it all..
Because i realize from that day, i really lost my friend..
we are now strangers..

Every once in a while...there are things that remind me of  u.. . like today.. and my heart still aches..
there is still  a hole in my heart...
that cannot be fixed.


it was an experience that makes me even stronger and realized who are my true friends..

But,  i will never ever forget....
on that day.....
me and u..........

when forever ends..  :'(

"Cough Syrup"- BLAINE (GLEE)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Touch by Touch : to KOREA with L.O.V.E ♥♥♥(2/2)

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Annyeonghaseyo!!!! ^_^/

 Khamsahamida (Thank You) for reading this’s the second part of  



 Clap clap clap!!

okay.. come- come.. come closer... ^^

If you ask me..What i love about KOREA?

For me KOREA it’s a VIRUS!!

It makes me HAPPY, CRY, ANGRY, CRAZY and FALL IN LOVE over and over again with Korea or Korean!!

Now you know why i said it is a VIRUS!! But it is a good VIRUS that spread lots and lots of LOVE and inspired people!! ^^

these second entry i would like to bring you for exciting date with me and.... TAECYEON!!! ^^

hahahaaha.. i'm just Kidding!! 

but maybe if i win this.. i promise you i will write my exciting first date with Taecyeon!!  ^^  

ehem - ehem...
 ok enough of my Drama1 kkekekk... ok  this part 2 are about... *drum roll*


* boing boing* ^___^

lets get started~~~~ 

Let me bring you to the Journey of  Mouth watering Korean Cuisine!! 
* screaammmm* ^_^/

i'm a graduates of Bachelor of Scince in Culinary Arts Management... I LOVE FOOD and my passion are towards food!! i get inspired everyday because of food..  

during our classes we did learn KOREAN CUISINE and we have visited KOREAN PLAZA!!because me and my friends love Korean Food so much we plan a trip to Korean Plaza bringing the whole class there.! . 

but sadly i lost all the pictures during visiting Korean Plaza .. and cannot share the pictures of us doing lots of fun stuff there like wearing Hanbook!! 

you guys have to go to Korean Plaza to experience it yourself... don't miss it!

We get free lesson of how to make Korean Food and tasted "KIMCHI" and "JAPCHE"... but i really have to try the other variety of food and side dishes and taste it myself least is what i can get in Malaysia.. 

This is me looking satisfied having Korean Food for Lunch with my friends!!

the super duper delicious ddukbokki or rice cake with noodles.  the sauces of this dish are a little bit sweet.. hmm.. i wonder what are the REAL TASTE in KOREA?? 

RAMYUNNNNN~~~~~  it looks like Maggie in Malaysia.. but the taste is differ!  like our instant noodles or Maggie we can easily feel full and the noodles can easily be soggy.. but Ramyun not like that.. it actually taste so much better!!

i love Kimbap more than Sushi.. Kimbap have sesame sauce sprinkle on top with sesame seed.. you will agree with me when you taste it!! ^^

Rice, vegetables and BBQ Beef!!  you have to mix it well to eat it! look at how happy my friend eating it and it taste superb!! perfect!! ^^


i know you were doing this when you see all this delicious and mouth watering pictures.. am i right?? kekkkk.. ^^

i hope i can win this contest and shares with all of you the original and the real taste of KOREAN have lots of side dishes that are soo hard to find in is pity that i cannot show all of the Korean delicacies  to U..  :(  

*i wish i can taste the original taste of Korean Food at KOREA *   pray for me...   @_@/


KOREAN WAVE have swept the world by storm.. everyone knows KPOP and idols like 2PM, Super Junior, Cnblue, 2AM, Miss A, Wonder Girls, T-Ara and many more.. 

But i have to be honest.. my loves more towards  JYP family- 2PM,2AM,Miss A and Wonder Girls! sorry girls.. don't mad at me okay ^^

After 2 years of waiting... 2PM come at last to Malaysia!! we HOTTEST were crying of happiness when they come and MISS them so much after they left.. 2PM gave us an unforgettable and the sweetest memories ever!! 
  T __ T

my LOVE Mr.JUN.K!! i always hoping and even pray to 
see you again!  ^^

even i had learn photography and brings DSLR .. 

Most of the pictures during the concert were blurry because i'm so excited and kept screaming!!! kekkkk... ^^
                    * 90 degree bow*

they are the best idols ever!!! super talented and well- mannered.. 

Khamsahamida Oppa! 

We love U! Hope to see u real soon~~ ^_^


Korean Fashion are very important part of my is what i search everyday.. I am a FOODIE but i also loves FASHION.. and don't be surprise... I actually design clothes for a small BOUTIQUE of my Mum and i.. 

Cool is it! ^^ 

I always looks for new trend of cloth to put on our boutique.. and Korean Fashion always brings me an awesome ideas of what we should sell in our store.. 

This are some of my sketches.. and yes it is inspired by looking at the amazing Korean Fashion Trends!

gorgeous SUZY!!


Insanely gorgeous Fashion sense by MISS A!! i love them!! they inspired me everyday to create new dress or blouse and by the same time helping me up to date with the latest fashion and trends!.

if i get the chance to go to KOREA to see myself  the fashion trend there i will be honoured... 

it is crucial for the growth of our business... i think Korea is a must place to go for the fashion lovers and  designers to get new ideas and be inspired by KOREAN FASHION!! ♥♥♥

 Please let it be ME ^^

please let it be me!! please please.. 

please let me have my first experience of going oversea for the first time in my whole life..  
please let me experience it and be inspired by the FOOD, FASHION, HISTORY and PLACES in KOREA!

i work really hard on writing this entry and cant even sleep for the past few to write the very best entry and to share my love and passion towards KOREA!


I really really really really....want to see and feel myself the beauty and the excitement of KOREA....

and share with my friends and followers all over the world..

I hope i can represent Malaysian women to win this contest to meet with 2PM and Miss A and most important is to meet KOREA!! yes KOREA!!

i'm fun and outgoing Hijabista ( for women wearing Hijab that loves fashion) and can speak English, Malay and French language.. 

 i also work extremely hard to study Hangul.. so it is easier to communicate with Korean if i get the chance... ^^

Hope i got this chance to see the funniest , craziest and handsome 2pm members and Miss A!!

i'll treasure this memories forever. 

there are no words in this world that can describe how badly i want to win this!^^

I want to say : Thank You Korea Tourism Organization


Thank You Korean Plaza 

THANK YOU for creating an opportunities and possibilities in my life! 

Khamsahamida.. *90 degree bow*

2PM +  Miss A + ME

 Annyeong!!! hope to see you again! ^___^

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Touch Korea - Places to die for!! (1/2)

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Annyeong-haseyo!! *90 degree bow* 

I' am Shara ^_^ 

nice to meet you!

The first words that  I had learned was "Annyeong- Haseyo" for formal greeting that means   - Hello or "Anyeong" for close friends.. 

Annyeong can be several meaning like Min Miss A said in Annyeong video: 

1.  Hello
2. How are you?
3.Good Day
4. Good Bye!

So... Annyeong!!! ^_^ ♥ 

If you ask me about KOREA .. I think it is parts of my life that inspired me every day!
Music become the biggest part of me and of course it is KPOP.. 
I knew a lot of new friends.... that for me with NO doubt!...because the power of  KPOP music..

It bring us together even we were a Malay, Chinese or even Indians!! We were united because we shared the same interest and love towards KPOP artist and music!!

 Can u believe that??  >.<

More than that, because of our shared dreams toward the most interesting, trendiest and coolest places in KOREA!!! 

Oh...My heart beat faster just by thinking of these places!! *dup dup dup dup* ♥♥

To introduce you the most Romantic Country that full of loves and warm hearts 

 ~~~ *drum roll* durudungdungdungdumdum~~~ekkeekekkee..  

 KOREA ^_^"


1. ♥♥♥  The LOVE of NAMSAN TOWER!!!   ♥♥♥

the power of love!! *xoxo*


This is the place where couples lock their loves and wrote messages full of LOVE, HOPE and TRUST~~♥♥

These places are every girls dream to go to!!

U are lying if u don't want to go here!!! *booooo* 


just kidding!

next! >.<

2. Cutest Ever TEDDY BEAR Museum >.<


                                          * hug*

*too die for* @_@"

                                                                  Mahatma Gandhi!!!

This adorable museum makes you want to hug everything.. 

Like seriously!!

How can you resist that?? kkekeekekeee.. ^^

Prepare.... for my next dream places!!!.... Hello Kitty!! *yayyy*

3. HELLO KITTY para~~para~~Paradise !!!!

How cute is that!! Die-hard-fans of Hello Kitty can die of happiness going there.. *faint*


Behold..... the awesome cafe!!!!!

all Helllo Kitty picture by: Kirin Media C

Oh my!! Even the drinks and foods are Hello Kitty's shapes!!! Cool!!!!

Who wants to go here?? 

*put your hands up* 
put.put..put.. put... ^^

next please.. kkk...

4.The Petite SOINGOOK Theme Park ^_^

This picture are from Korea Tourism Organization...  since I have never been here before.. In fact, I have never been to all the places.. Wuhuuu~~ =(   *dying to go there*

symbol of true love in Korea?? 

You can just go to Korea and see all of these buildings!! there is no need to travels around the world!! Just KOREA!!! awesome!!!

credit both picture to : Fullat 

 by: Park  

I just want to show U how SMALL and cute are .. All the wonders of the world over there.. U can see the miniature size of pyramid!!! 

In Running Man do you remember how many building shorter than Haha?? (Running Man) kkk... 


5.♥ The Magnificent  Heritage of Korea 

These pictures will make you say "Wahhhh!!" (in Malaysia) or Woowwww!!!! OOOuhhhhhwwwhhh!!!

This beautiful and magnificent scenery of KOREA ~~  *speechless*

♥ ^_^ 

Above pictures of Bukchon  Hanok Village that you can see in Korean Drama about their history and their heritage.. 

I think Korean Dramas are one of the main reasons why I love KOREA....
 They really showcase their Heritage throughout their drama and even in Variety Shows!! 

?Why Me? >.< 

KOREA inspired me through their Heritage and unforgettable awesome places like I said before.. To die for!! kkk..

 Besides that, Korean Food and of course the awesome KPOP artist especially 2PM since i'm HOTTEST!! Not to forget Lovely but Hotttt Miss A!!! Go Suzy!! ^^ 

Sooo... why me? y y y?? @_@"

I have never travel abroad.. And Yes, I’m not Kidding.. =(  
I think there are some people that are Lucky enough to go to the place that I have been waiting to go for my whole life!!!
  *just, how badly I want to win this*

I really deserve to be the winner because when we want something badly and work hard for it.. We will really appreciate it and treasure it! I will definitely and completely treasure it by bringing exciting and fun to the Touch Korea Tour!!

Because, how awesome it is to share with friends if my dreams come true! And it is not a dream any more its reality! kkk..  *jebal* ^^

 I want to say  " Kamsahamnida"  or million Thank You!! To 

Korea Tourism Organization 
Korean Plaza Malaysia 

Thank You so much for creating an opportunities and have given me the biggest possibilities in my life.. Be inspired!

Hoping to get good news from your feedback!! * Jebal/please* wink wink ^_*

Annyeong!!!  ^^ *90 degree bow*

p/s: my next post about the inspiring, and mouth watering Korean Food Delicacies adventures with me!
Plus.. my unforgettable 2PM concert memories!!! *SCREAMMM  HOTTEST!!!! *

♥♥ Hope too see u on my next post!!   Annyeong!!!  ♥ *90 degree bow*
xoxo ^_^

*credited pictures by: Korean Tourism Organization , Google and Bloggers:Fullat,Park and Kirin Media C. All Pictures were edited by me...Thank You.. * ^_^

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