Tuesday, May 1, 2012

when forever ends...

Posted by Shara Osment at 11:39 AM
i look back on it now with only sorrow,i see old pictures, old memories..
i see precious friendship lost and i wonder for the thousand time how it could possibly be that i didn't see it coming..

what actually happened to us?  we used to have so much things to talk to..things that we loves... together.. but now it's as if there miles between us.. it is like we never knew each other any more..
we swore to be FRIENDS FOREVER..but was it right for us to make that promise?

i felt betrayed, i felt hated, i felt abandoned and u stab my back... i wish u tell me what i had done wrong..
i know something went wrong when u decide.. u don't want to talk to me any more..
U leave me hanging., no explanation.. no words said..i just felt..

i remember, on the last day.. at the door.. u said take care.. and i cant recall what i said before.. but i remember when you left.. i was crying all my heart..alone in the room..
because i know..it will never be the same..there will be never be WE.. ever again.. only ME and U..

 i do forgive you and i wish u forgive me too ..
 i wish i can undo the damage and take back what i have done..
but i cant.. we turned into enemy and rival..
at least what i think when u think of me..

u act like our years and years of  friendship means nothing to you.. and what hurt the most u made it look so easy..

So i throw away all your gift , letters and stuff...to remind me u are not my friends any more..
and even convince myself that i hate u..even though I'm not...
i cried, cried and cried...when i threw it all..
Because i realize from that day, i really lost my friend..
we are now strangers..

Every once in a while...there are things that remind me of  u.. . like today.. and my heart still aches..
there is still  a hole in my heart...
that cannot be fixed.


it was an experience that makes me even stronger and realized who are my true friends..

But,  i will never ever forget....
on that day.....
me and u..........

when forever ends..  :'(

"Cough Syrup"- BLAINE (GLEE)


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